The Owner

Who really I am?

Inori Donz (Birth Name: Romeo Fernando Dalangin) is a figure hobbyist, photographer, biker, and a gamer.

A picture of me handling the two Nendoroid figures, Neptune and Chika Takami.

Profile: Early Days

My early days were just normal. Since High School, I was fond of playing both offline and online games. StarCraftRagnarok Online, and Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), were the only ones that I am once fond playing with.

During my college days, this was the time that I had entered the Anime World, in which I had never went through during my very young days (Except the ones that I had encountered during the 90s, when I am already influenced by my older sister). From there, I had learned their existence, ever since after listening to some few Japanese Pop songs in my head (It actually started when I watched a few Tokusatsu shows). Since year 2007, I started exploring the Anime World until my mind of that topic has further expanded.

Entering the Hobby: Anime and Nendoroid Figures

Read these following posts to find out on how did I enter this hobby.

Figure Photography: How it Started

When I got at least five Nendoroids in hand, I was just thinking of what to do with them besides displaying them on my shelves. One day, I was browsing through the social media and I saw some amazing photos which features these figures in action. I was amazed and what if I want to do this to my figures someday? As I learn on how to use my camera as weapon, I am able to produce some photos in which they were somehow stunning enough. And this is how my figure photography blog was born.

You can reach me out by sending your message to me by going to the ‘Contact Me’ section of this blog. Cheers~