Issue: Why Anime Figures Are So Expensive?

In this post, this will tackle about the issue why Anime figures today are so expensive. Fans are telling me that the figures that I am buying are so beautiful, yet they are expensive. At the same time, they keep saying to me that those figures are expensive to buy.

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Special: Philippine ToyCon 2014 (Day 2 Attendance)

This is actually my second time around attending an annual toy convention in the Philippines (the first one was at year 2012). The halls were crowded with excitement. I couldn’t imagine this kind of convention ever!


Peace out, bro!

Philippine ToyCon was an awesome convention that I have attended so far. Well, I have also an interest in adult toy collections (let’s say about toys for the big boys who were 15+ years old). To say, ToyCon was a convention which was the biggest convention like no other. Well, I have attended and participated into some Anime conventions, as well as displaying figures to the public (I have tried that once last year).

PH ToyCon’s main focus was about all toys of all genres, whether could be Marvel, DC Comics, Transformers, or anything. Not just they focus on toys, but also they showcase games, whether could be PC games or games from the PS4 console (or other consoles that are existing now). Cosplay is also available on the convention/event itself, however, I have failed to get photos from them since that time I was focusing on the toys, not Cosplay. Since I am into Anime theme, I have captured photos of them most, but also I have captured their photos of other themes as well.

This was the one of the events that I should not be missed ever, since this one was bigger than any of the Anime conventions that I am attending previously.

Here are some of the photos taken. But I am not going to show it all since posting a lot of photos in one post can consume a lot of Internet bandwidth (which results in slow connections).

P1010164 P1010166 P1010170 P1010172 P1010180 P1010183 P1010184 P1010190 P1010191 P1010192 P1010193