Nendoroid (called as Nendoroid Series) is an action figure line by Good Smile Company.

Nendoroids usually measure at the height of approximately 10 centimeters tall and are in their chibi form. These figures came from various Anime series (like Death Note, Sword Art Online), movies (The Avengers, Batman) and some video game series.

Nendoroids came with optional parts and other sets/accessories. Their expression faces are the key of the collection.

There are sublabels of the Nendoroid figure line. Namely, they are Nendoroid Petite (smaller Nendoroid figures), Nendoroid Plus (accessories like pouches and rubber straps), Nendoroid More (accessory add-ons for standard-sized Nendoroids), and Nendoroid Playsets.

Nendoroids are released on either standard or exclusive releases. The exclusive releases are sometimes bundled with a DVD/Blu-Ray or game discs or are released exclusively in some Anime events. Standard release price usually averages from 3500 to 4000 yen, depending on the kind of that Nendoroid and the price usually increases depending on the demand.

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