Special: Chika Takami’s Birthday Event

Kan! Kan! Mikan!

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Special: My Top 10 Nendoroids for 2015 in My Wishlist

It took me a while to choose the top 10. I wasn’t able to post it on time, sorry! But now, here it is! Presenting, the top ten Nendoroids for 2015 in my wishlist! The images are again arranged from 10 to 1.

The images used are courtesy of Good Smile Company.


10. Elsa (Frozen)

“Let it snow! Let it SNOOOWWW!!”

I have no idea how it made it to my list, but… I am not fond of Frozen, though. Elsa is a wonderful Nendoroid to display, especially on some occasions like Christmas season. Many of my friends have this one, and the photograph outputs are amazing! Well again, I am not a fan of Frozen, but I put her in the top ten because she is trendy.

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Special: My 10 Personal Favorite Nendoroids for Year 2015 (New and Old)

In this post, I will show you my personal favorite Nendoroids that I have liked this year 2015. This will include the past and present Nendoroids. Remember that this list is different from the top ten Nendoroids that I am about to post soon next month. This list contains again my personal favorites. We all know that we have different tastes when it comes to choosing which Nendoroids should be on the list. I have arranged the list in descending order, where 10 is my least favorite, while number 1 is my top favorite.

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Special: My Top 10 Nendoroids for 2014 on my Wishlist

In this post, I will show you my top ten Nendoroids on my wishlist as of this year 2014. This is according to the number of pictures that I have seen on Instagram or other media-sharing sites. I know that I don’t know some of them, but I hope that I can share to you my favorites. I have seen them, but I have never tried or planned buying them. The following Nendoroids are listed below with pictures, and are arranged in descending order, from 10 to 1 (they are arranged according to my liking, where 1 is my very favorite).

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Special: iAcademy CAVE

The Collection of Art & Visual Expressions or CAVE was held by iACADEMY Open House last October 18, 2014. That event tackles about any visual arts of any kind like paintings, animation, and even photography. Figure display was also made in that event. It was a part of it because you took the picture of your favorite Anime figure and it is considered as photography, a part of a visual art.

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