Love Burst Photoshop

In this post, I will explain on how I did this wallpaper photo from scratch.

The process is just simple. I just used three Nendoroids and I lay them in a white bond paper. Then I used some white light to expose them. Since I got a camera with a flash, I took the picture. The image used below is the raw picture.


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Wallpaper: A Voice from the Light


This is my first wallpaper that I made using Photoshop. I have no idea of what I am doing, but here is the result. I have used several random filters and effects just to generate a wallpaper of my own. The design is very simple, but I think there is a message behind that picture.

The message of the picture looks very simple, also. As you can see, the image has music notes which represents the voice coming from the light. The bright light somehow represents somebody— somebody who is trying to whisper at anybody’s ears trying to tell something. But then, who is the light that speaks to us? And what awaits at the end of the light? Despair? Hope? You are the only one who can know the answer.

Wallpaper: Nendoroid Ricca Morizono of Da Capo III


This is my second wallpaper work, and it will feature the Nendoroid Ricca Morizono of Da Capo III. Again, my work is so simple again, and it just required me a little background editing. I just used a radial gradient background, which will light up the logo, since the logo on the upper left is too difficult for me to remove the white background. So, I set the logo’s background to multiply.

ricca_sampleOn the second image, I adjusted the light very carefully just to avoid the darkening of other areas of the figure. I just used the same technique as I did on my previous wallpaper work.

For the figure pose, I decided to make that pose since it is cute. The wink adds cuteness, my goodness… 😉

Wallpaper: Nendoroid Tohka Yatogami of Date A Live


This is my first wallpaper in which I used an actual Nendoroid figure! I didn’t had a hard time capturing her image, and I was able to adjust the lighting of my desk lamp. For photoshopping, I had a hard time deciding on what type of background should I use, so I just experimented with the effects, like putting the hexagon brush effects on the wallpaper.

Tohka Yatogami of the Light Novel and Anime series Date A Live, has become my favorite character.  I have seen the existing wallpapers and images of her. So then, I decided to create a wallpaper of her, in her Nendoroid form.

So how I created this wallpaper from scratch? I just removed the background image surrounding the figure, and then I started editing.tohka_sample What you see in the second image is the original image that I have used for editing. The corners of the image aren’t tough for me and it is very simple. I used the pen tool to make path on every corner that I see, and after that, I cut out the image and pasted in the new canvas. After that, I worked on the rest of the corners removing the remaining background.

So then, I am going to use this technique on my future picture edits. I am really used to edit Anime picutres, but I am going to edit something else just to test my skills in photo editing.