O & E: The Good, Bad, and Offensive Sides of Internet Memes

Be offended by the one who uses it.

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O & E: Why Getting a Game Over in Video Games is Sometimes Special?

Get used to that experience, awesome gamer!

This article was a redux from my other blog, The Asobi Network.

Getting this kind of gaming event or trigger isn’t beneficial to most gamers. But to some, it is something special that helps them to play more. Now, what makes this event or trigger special to some gamers? This is something that I have seen or experienced, a bit.

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O & E: Why I Like to Watch Ecchi Anime?

It is something that every single men who don’t have a girlfriend have.

My sexual fantasies never stop teasing me. It always comes into my mind when I just least expect it – the tempting laces and ribbons, any costumes that reveal their chest cleavage and armpits, and also their alluring expression and smiling faces. Those are the only things that I encounter every day, when I try opening my social media account and beginning to like their lewd images.

This actually started around year 2008, when I tried viewing a single Anime picture that features girls with seductive features. This will include their suggestive posing, while their clothes are taken off thus revealing their half-naked bodies. That time, I realize that most boys are going through this stage. During my college days, I am viewing these stuff, only that I am alone. So that time, I began watching these type of genre, the Ecchi Anime.

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O & E: How Bootleg Figures Affected my Reputation as a Nendoroid Fan?

“PUBLIC SERVICE MESSAGE: There are Nendoroid bootlegs which are appearing over the market and even in online shops or auctions. Please beware of these bootlegs or imitations since distribution and sales of these were illegal.”

Before going into this hobby, as well as going into my on-going hobby called the Anime figure and toy photography, I had a bad reputation as a Nendoroid fan/collector. This is due to the fact that my first purchase was actually an imitation or bootleg. In this O and E post, I will tell my summarized story about my experiences in handling these not-so-friendly bootlegs of Anime figures, especially Nendoroids.

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O & E: My History in Watching Anime

“It is good to be young and single. Once you got a real girl partner, you will stop and put these things away.”

I love watching Anime, ever since I got influenced by my older sister during my earlier years of my life. Since year 2000, I begin watching Anime starting from the titles that appeared in the early 80s up to 90s.

When I watch these, I am always watching alone. Since sharing this to non-Anime fans (in my case, my brother or parents) will just make them more uninterested in my favoritism.

It is a long history to start. So let’s begin! I will be dividing my story into Sagas or Eras.

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