A Hero’s Theme Song


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Teach Me How to Make Babies!

One afternoon, Noel was daydreaming about of what was her wish in life. She was wishing something that makes her happy for the lifetime.


Later, she went and talked to the warlord, Date, who was doing nothing but training on the fields. He stopped and asked her, “What do you want from me, kid?”

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Let’s Do Some Dance!

After several wars and battles, Date was training himself alone. He was using his swords and he exercises his mind and body.


“I don’t want to lose to anybody else,” said him. “That is why I wanted to be stronger.”

Training himself with his body, he was just like dancing with swords on the field.

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Date Masamune’s Next Opponent

This was the reboot of the original post that I made last 2014. To view the orignal, see via this link.

Date is standing alone outside waiting for nothing. A few minutes later, a strong wind blows and a mysterious girl appears at his back. Date was not really expecting this event.

“What comes to your mind doing here?” asks Date as he sensed someone standing at his back.

“That’s my line! I am going to challenge you!” said the girl named Tohka.

“My next opponent, eh? Let’s see what you’ve got!”


Date was keeping both of his arms closed. He was serious thinking that the opponent wants him something.

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