Why the name is IemDonz Blog?

IemDonz is just my screen name which was shortened from the simple sentence “I am Donz.” Donz was actually my nickname.

IemDonz Blog was first started around December 30th, at the year 2013. It was created because I would like to start a blog which contains my photo works, which relates to Anime figures (Nendoroids) and toy photography. It was also created through friend influence. Since I know there are some people who are in this kind of hobby, I tried to join in the community.

The Starting Point


I first become a collector since about 2010, and that time I was enjoying them. That time, I wasn’t able to do some photography of them (although I have learned photo editing stuff like Photoshop), because I don’t know about capturing their moments yet. But in year 2012, I started collecting Nendoroids, Figmas, and other figures of my interest and they are all coming from various popular Japanese Anime shows that I have watched.

In present, I have been doing toy photography, which is somehow a trend to some adult toy collectors. Instead of just displaying them, I will do try my best to capture the right moments of the figure.

Other Stuff

My interests are Anime, Photoshop, and web designing.

For Anime, I have been watching those since early 2003, when I am influenced with my big sister. In year 2007, I begin watching some Anime shows. But in the present, I wasn’t able to watch too much because of too many side priorities like responsibilties at home, and so on. But then, I keep watching those, only I stick to the latest ones. And I don’t have time to watch older Anime unless if I am interested.

For Photoshop, I edit pictures using my own imagination. Of what my imagination tells me I do it and I just saw the output. I edit some photos, thus creating some categories like “fake magazine covers”, “comics”, or other memes.

For Web Designing, I like constructing web sites (and I like this since when I was in High School). Since the technology is upgrading, like web responsiveness, and so on, I am studying the web page that I have created whether it runs on my phone, different web browser, and so on. Since I like CMS (content management system) tools like WordPress and Joomla, it has made my web designing experience more enjoying.

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