An update about Nendo Doll clothes!

Ever wondered what keeps me busy? During that time, I am not able to post new photos to my Instagram account. It means that I rarely post figure photography of standard Nendoroid figures coming from various Anime series (Only, I post about LoveLive! Series). Instead, I am posting figure photography of figures, but still on the Nendoroid Series line. Under Nendoroid, there are what we call the Nendoroid Doll figure line, thus it was also created by Good Smile Company.

The Nendoroid Doll is under the Nendoroid Series line of figures by Good Smile Company. You can read by going to the website link below for more information.

At the Tweets posted below, those are my recent works. You can still find more in my Twitter sub-account, which contains all of my clothing and photography works about Nendoroid Dolls.

For more of the details about this, you can read more by visiting my IDS website, or you can go to this link and read. Cheers and have a nice day!

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