A girl that appears unexpectedly…

Though this short story is based from my actual experience, this is still fictitious.

I was playing my favorite game in my smartphone. Then, the girl is frequently appearing, even in my login page screen. I came to check the stats and so forth, and then I closed the game. When there are in-game events, that’s the time that I go play harder.

During the night, when I finally get to sleep, I started to have an unexpected dream. I was in the field with green grasses around me and I am standing alone.

The scenery is quiet and I can’t hear anything. Later, I heard someone’s voice, and I finally get to see this person face-to-face.

“How are you?” I replied back. Then, she is just standing in one place with her one arm placed at her chest.

“What do you want to say to me?” I replied once more.

Then finally, she answered back, “Are you pursuing your love for somebody?”

“Um, to have that in my mind, I am actually loving somebody. Though she is not physically present, I can still feel her presence.”

“I am going to give you a question, and you will choose one answer.”

“Okay, so what’s that could be?”

“Are you going to love somebody you love? Or somebody out there who is trying to love you very much?”

“For the first choice, I will choose to love her based from her character traits, interests, and favoritism. The second choice will always depend if that somebody has the same level of interests and favoritism as mine, as well as character traits.”

“For the question you are choosing, you can pick only one.”

“I had never been in love before, but the first question seem to be my answer. I will continue to love that person. I know that it can be a hard choice, but moving on and facing my new future and fate shall be the only option if I failed to be with her forever.”

“But then, why did you pick her over me? I am, in fact, in love with you.”

“You were actually guiding me to a right path. In fact, you were just helping me to fight on even if everything fails. It is because without you, I won’t be able to achieve this thing called the power of love.”

“I understand. If I am helping you to reach and find your true love for somebody, can you help me also finding the special someone for me?”

“Basically, you’re right! We will help each other to achieve our true dreams — to find and love our special someone!”

“So then, we have different choices in ourselves. We will definitely find our special someone in our lives!”

“Just remember, your family and friends will help you to achieve it! You can’t just do it by yourself!”

“I will definitely believe and rely on them… and of course you!”

After all of this, I had finally awake from my dreams.

Basically, what I am fighting and loving for is something that I can live in and be with, forever. It is something that I can be with permanently, until the day I die.

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