Featuring Nendoroid Ruby Kurosawa!

It’s been a while since I am able to post a new blog entry here! This time, I had posted this for some little update — about my figure photography!

Ready for photo session!

Recently, I had went into a certain mall for a little walk or stroll for myself. Then, I decided to bring my Nendoroid figure there for some photo session! Well, before I had decided this photo walk, I had brainstormed by ideas. And that is, I had tested some various combinations of parts and figures that I have! Having my Nendoroid Doll existed in my stable, I had then formulated an idea. Since the item that I had bought, a Sylvanian Families clothes set, can be used on Nendoroid Doll figures, I then tried giving it a shot. One clothes in the set is too small, so then I tried one possible way on how I could use that clothes to fit it. See the following picture below to find out!

Here are the following extra parts that I had used during my recent photo walk session!

The parts that I had used are the following:

  • Nendoroid Megurine Luka (No. 93) face part
  • DIY Hair Tie Bead
  • Nendoroid Ruby Kurosawa (No. 746) face part
  • Sylvanian Families Dress Up Set 6021 (Blue and Green) – Green only, pictured
  • Nendoroid Yoshino (No. 395) Body Part (not pictured)

When I begin to put these parts together, I had begun the photo shoot. And the results are posted to my Instagram account! You can check it out here. There are total of six photos in one post in the link! Be sure to scroll along to see them all!

Wow, that DIY Hair Tie Bead is so Cute!

Finally, about the extra part, the DIY Hair Tie Bead, I made that a long time ago. I had used that previously in the other Nendoroid figure that I used to photo shoot with.

End of Blog Post!

And that is the end of my blog post! Whew, it is very hard to rush things in an hour and I am really making my mind go crazy. It seems that I need some mind refreshment, by doing outdoor activities!

Thank you for reading and viewing! See you next time! Cheers~

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