The Aqours Nendoroids in a Year.

Almost a year has been passed. I was able to photoshoot these Nendoroids for just a year! It was just like completing to watch an entire TV series for 52 weeks!

This time, I am going to summarize of what I did to them during that time last year. Here it is, the photo series of each character in LoveLive! Sunshine!!

Happiness Countdown

Read for more: A Birthday Letter to Kanan Matsuura (Aqours)

First in the photo series is Kanan Matsuura. It features some series of photos, while it has some sentences written to it. Actually, it can form into a sort of letter when all of those captions were combined.

Flower Circle

The second in the photo series features Hanamaru Kunikida! For every photo, there is a caption. The captions in each photo were written in a Haiku-style manner.

Yousoro Question

Read for more: Yousoro Question Explained

It features You Watanabe this time around! In every caption, there is a question written there! It includes the question, “Why is my birthday the awesome event ever?”

Operation S.H.I.N.Y.E.G.A.O.

Read for more: Words in the Operation S.H.I.N.Y.E.G.A.O.

Mari Ohara is the feature in this photo series! The Shiny Egao is somehow an acronym, and every letter has a meaning and explanation! Egao is a Japanese word for smile.

Datenshi Thirteen

Read for more: Photo Series Report: Datenshi Thirteen

It’s Yohane! In this photo series of Yoshiko Tsushima, the captions written for each photo were somehow different and unique than the previous ones. For more details, you can go to the link posted above this paragraph and read.

Hint: Everything is thirteen and unlucky.

Dear Orange…

Read for more: Photo Series Report: Dear Orange…

At last, it’s Chika Takami! What are the adjective words that best describe this character or the color? For every word, they were used in a sentence. Somehow, it was similar to the photo series of Kanan Matsuura, but it’s shorter.

The Sakura that Blooms for the Love, Future, and Dreams

For every line of the song itself there was a photo. Somehow, it was a reference to yozuca*‘s song, Sakura Saku Mirai Koi Yume.

GNBRB! -Great! Nice! Brave! RUBY!-

Read these following posts: GNBRB! One | Two | Three | Four

This was only the character that never got a photo series. But instead, she was placed into this 4-part blog post series! Still, a photo series though, though that it was not posted to my Facebook Page in a scheduled manner.

12 Days of Dia

Read more: Part 1 | 2 | 3

For the photo series of Dia Kurosawa, I had used a Christmas song as a reference. Read my three-part post posted above this paragraph for more details!

The End

And this wraps up this photo series! It was somehow another achievement made by me during the entire year. I hope that I can do something like this next time in the future, but this time with a different Nendoroid set coming from a different series!

Thank you for reading and cheers~ ❤

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