This is the last batch of the first half!

This is it, the last batch! I hope that you can see this! Here’s the last batch of the first half of 2017. Take your time viewing these!

Noel in Sega Saturn’s outfit. Hmm… Not bad at all, for me. However, she was feeling embarrassed as of that moment.

A wink of an eye… Was she the mysterious wandering songstress? I heard that she was part of the legendary idol group that existed years ago.

“I will shout my love for you!” she said.

Remember that there people who cry and call for you. You can hear their faint voice. You know what that means!

In line with Nozomi Tojo‘s birthday, I decided to do this photoshoot. Man, it looks like I have used a wrong backup character. Anyway, it’s just a birthday greeting.

Same as in above, but this time, I compiled her previous pictures into one.

And lastly, this is the photoshoot that I made during the celebration of the Philippine Independence Day. The shooting was very simple — only carrying a flag and with a backup character carrying a gun.

And that’s it for the last batch! I hope that you had enjoyed viewing them!

For posting new photos to my Instagram account, it will take a while for me to get back. Because after posting this latest blog post in this blog, it will take another time for me to post again until I thought of some idea! For this time around, keep in touch with my new updates in the Facebook page!

See you next time! Cheers~


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