Second to the last batch is here!

We are almost close to the end. So here’s the next batch of the 2017 First Half photo posts from my Instagram account! Take time and have a look!

A great person must teach a person on how to fly — to achieve dreams.

A person must cherish and enjoy everything that they have if they are still alive.

“I sing and dance as I clear a video game! How is it feel when you finish it?”

The dazzling sun makes you shine like a star. But don’t expose yourself too much since it will tan your beautiful skin!

She was just simply wearing the Aozora Jumping Heart outfit. Maybe because of her color coordination?

By the time that I posted these photos, I became lazy to photograph more. But that doesn’t mean that I am going to stop there. Instead, I think of some other plans on how to improve my still photographs of these Nendoroid figures of mine.

Stay tuned as the last part is coming up soon! Cheers~!


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