Hello Cuteness!!

The fifth part of the photo posts are incoming. Be sure to be prepared for this next batch! Anyway, here they are!

At the time that I missed posting photos on Instagram, I was working on a Blog Post Series. I only found time when I am free to do so. And, I managed to do photoshoot even if I don’t have energy left. I just put some caption on my photo telling that I am missing posting on Instagram very much.

With no theme or idea came into my mind, I decided to do this stuff. Since I am well passionate for one character in the series, I decided to put all of my character merch into one picture (with the exception to the KingBlade light one). Still too few, because of my budget concerns, you know?

This one is explanatory, since I used this to promote my Blog Post Series that was on-going that time in my blog.

Oh, very cute and beautiful! So far, my cutest photoshoot ever made by me. And, I also tried photo-printing that picture and I put it to my album collection!

When I reminded about the combination of gun and rose as I look for some useful props during my vacation trip, I thought of an idea. So, I used Nendoroid Kurumi and I put her into a pile of rose flowers. Well, the roses are artificial, so it was safe for me to put her on the top of those flowers.

I can’t think of a caption, but on Instagram I put some caption, but somehow irrelevant to the picture (a quote, perhaps). Can you suggest some?

Combination of sky blue and orange isn’t bad for me.

Well, that’s it for the fifth part! I hope that you can enjoy more until the next part to be posted soon! See you next time! Cheers~


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