Part 4 photos are here!

In this post, I am going to show you now the fourth part! I hope you guys enjoy it!

This Instagram photo post serves as my teaser visual for my recently concluded Blog Post Series. That’s right, I love writing fictitious literature, such as short stories.

Cool, isn’t it? It’s cool, especially the girl who carries that sword. Can you name that sword that she carries?

This photo post was self-explanatory. Yes, and I schedule them in a manner of… Auto-posting while away from keyboard.

This might be true to some other people who love watching Anime. It gets boring if the series runs for too long with no progression in story line.

Fan of LoveLive! Anime? Then, this smartphone game will be your primary weapon for fandom!

Oh, making my Nendoroid stand and balance against my phone was somehow difficult. It took me about 3- 5 minutes to make it stand properly.

This was the photo that I posted before and later on I used it as a cover photo for my Facebook page.

In the line of celebration of the first anniversary of the µ’s Final LoveLive!, I decided to create a photo post like this. Call it from Legend to Legacy! 🙂

Stay tuned for Part 5! I think it will take long for me to post them all. Well, have a nice day! 🙂


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