Here comes the third part!

In this post, I am going to show you the third part of the photo sets posted in my Instagram account! Here it goes!

I am flying with wings!

Nendoroid Chika Takami was my latest Nendoroid haul since the month of February 2017. I have thought of a photoshoot which will involve her. Since she was my recent haul, I decided to do more shoots. I came up with this scene since I have seen enough TV shows or movies in which they gave me an idea on how to do this part.

This one is only an exclusive Instagram photo (not posted in my Facebook page). Since a fellow of mine has tagged me to do something like favorite photos of the month, I decided to do this stuff. I compiled my previous photo shots into one photo. That’s all.

See? Look at all of these people! All of their eyes are on us now.

Heard of LoveLive! Sunshine!! already? That was the latest Anime in which it touched the hearts of millions of people across the nation.

When I thought something of a missing link, I decided to put the µ’s Center with the Aqours Center in one picture! And that is the effect of watching that trendy Anime since last year where I started and got to know it once.

Just stare, but don’t provoke her to fight. Well, this was just a random close-up shot in which I cropped it before uploading and posting.

I am thinking of something interesting. I want to put her lying down on a pile of flowers. The shot was simple. I just laid her down on a pile of flowers and I took the photo. I know I can do better if I adjusted the angle, a bit. Also, the lighting effect…

Recreating the fight scenes is an awesome way to do with my Nendoroid figures. When I am bored, I decided to put these two in a random fight. And well, the posing was very difficult. While taking the photo, I used my left hand to hold the figure stand at the left. It took me a lot of tries to do and perfect this scene.


Well, that’s it for this post! Stay tuned for the next part! 🙂


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