Now it’s the time for Part 2 of the Batch!

Now that you have seen the first part of the 2017 First Half Photo Posts from Instagram. I am going to show you the second part of the highlights! Alright, let’s get going!

The title was somehow a parody to the hit popular series, Game of Thrones. I found a Jolen ball along the way while I was biking the streets. With that item, I thought of a photoshoot idea. So, the result was this above! I edited the photo with a caption, and somehow the title was a parody.

With my creativity in mixing the parts, I somehow created a new expression. With this, I was able to use it for my future photoshoots. Oh, I edited the photo just to put a quote in it.

What can I say? She is angry because you ate her pudding!

The background was intentionally blurred by me. It was just like seeing her standing in a rooftop.

I thought that my Nendoroid Nozomi in Training Outfit has no use at all! So then, I used the body part coming from my existing Nendoroid collection to swap in and mix up with the current. I also used the add-on parts, the cat ears and the paws and tails. This is the result! Will you ever take this cat girl to your home?

Actually, this was the same as in above, but this time, I add another character with the same strategy in mixing and swapping parts. Aren’t these cat girls cute?

Actually, there are still more to post! Stay tuned for Part 3!


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