Chapter 13 (Final): We Are the Idol Gamers!


The Idol Gamers warped into the unknown zone in the Graphos Labyrinth looking for someone. Until, they realized that they were got separated from their other friends. The reason was that their friends don’t have enough still photographs of themselves to warp into the new zone or dimension.

Later, they encountered Honoka, the one who is responsible for the manipulation of the Graphos Labyrinth. Chika then tries to communicate with her, wishing that she must reunite with her lost friends who were left behind in the previous zone. Also, she and her friends must go back to their own respective worlds. Her second wish was fulfilled, only that she needed to sacrifice all of the still photographs that she has collected throughout their entire adventures in the Graphos Labyrinth.

Her wishes was granted, but what could be the resolution or the ending of this? Find out.

Chika’s wishes were finally granted. Honoka then transports them back to the previous zone.

“Thank you, Honoka!” said Chika. “Not only I did this by myself, but with Miss Neptune and my other friends who helped me a lot!”

“Yeah,” said Honoka. “Now that you were back, all I need was to warp you girls back to your own worlds!”

“I am happy for you and I met already a legendary school idol like you!”

“I was touched… How embarrassing, ha ha ha! <3”

“So any plans of you going with us?” said Neptune. “What are you going to do next after?”

“As of now, you will go back to your own worlds, but for me I will stay here!” said Honoka.

“Oh man, you can’t even go… But anyway, an individual must know how to move on forward to the future!”

“That’s right! I taught that to Chika! She must explore new things to make her stronger! And that is a path to being a legend like me!”

The conversation still continue and the remaining four speak.

“I will continue to follow for my dreams!” said Chika. “Yes, I want to explore more of my progress!”

“So then, I return in peace for now. There is no enemy or war and it’s boring,” said Clarion.

“Yay, I will do more role plays when I get back!” said Noel.

“I am going to hunt some lost souls somewhere when I get back,” said Kurumi. “Let some fun for me begin, ha ha ha!”

The Idol Gamers made position and Honoka stands at the front of them face to face. Then, she made her final speech.

“You had proven that you were worthy to chase for your dreams! Just don’t give up and keep going, whether it is ugly or not! We have the right to move on from some things and we sometimes need to let go of something that is heavy. Remember that we go strong not because we let them go, but also we go strong because we learn from our mistakes. Goodbye, my dear friends! I will never forget you! Especially you, Chika! Keep on and never back down!”

The speech was finished and Honoka warped them back to their original worlds.

The Idol Gamers, once a group, was finally disbanded. However, this was not yet the ending of their glorious journey. Their true journey to greatness was just beginning!


But wait, we got some extra scene here! Neptune was somehow complaining.

“The Blog Post Series has ended, but why the story ended with the other character? I am the main character of this Blog Post Series! Therefore, it should have ENDED WITH ME!”

Then everyone said, “We are all main characters here! So STOP COMPLAINING, YOU IDIOT!”

“Oh… And now, they hate me! XD”


Post-ending shot!

The story in this Blog Post Series is fictitious or not real. It has nothing to do or having relation with the original Anime series mentioned in this Blog Post Series. Any person, places, or events happened in this story have nothing to do with the actual person, places, or events and association with these actual events or things are coincidental.

Idol Gamers – A Blog Post Series by IemDonz Blog


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