Introducing the 2017 first half batch of photo posts from Instagram.

In this post, I am going to show you some of my photo posts from the past. This covers the first half of 2017, or last week of December 2016/January 2017 to June 2017.

Since I have no props for Christmas theme, I did this instead. Nep-Nep was dressed in bear costume while acting as a Christmas Ham.

The wedding dress add-on allows me to think some imaginations coming into my mind. It is just like turning my regular favorite female Anime character into my personal waifu or crush.

Oh! It’s a New Year’s Greeting! That time, it was the last day of the year, so I decided to make a greeting with a hashtag and quote in it.

Hmm… I had used this as a teaser photo for my new Blog Post Series, but never happened or put into materialization. *Sigh*

In this photo, I have used a smiling-with-eyes-closed face part. Now, Nozomi is acting as a mommy now of my two other Nendoroids in the sides.

The uniform was cute and sexy! I like something like high socks or stockings in girls and they were somehow my fetishes.

Well, that’s it for Part 1! Stay tuned for Part 2! There are still more coming!


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