Chapter 12: Finally Found You!

The Idol Gamers had began their search in the Graphos Labyrinth. Until, they have noticed something after transporting to a new zone or area.

“Did you notice something, Chika?” asked Neptune. “In fact, I am in panic!”

“What’s wrong, Miss Neptune?” asked Chika. “I think I had noticed something, too!”

“Our friends… Our friends are missing! They had been missing since we transported here!”

“Oh no… Where did they go now? Did they fulfill, perhaps, the requirements in getting back to their own worlds?”

“I don’t know… It was just like losing party members in a maze dungeon!”

“We should look for them first! I know they are in danger!”

“Wait, Chika… I hear a noise coming from nowhere.”


When a stepping noise was heard, their awareness has increased. Until, the one who appeared at the front of them is none other than…

“Honoka!” the two said in surprise.

As her appearance was made, she then said, “You girls did a great job. And now that you have enough still photographs of yours, I well congratulate you for your hard work. Now, time to reap-”

“Tell us what happened to our friends!” said Neptune. “We just lost them after we transported into this place!”

“That’s right!” said Chika. “I don’t know where they are now, but I know that they were somewhere!”

“Girls, this was very simple,” said Honoka. “You were the chosen ones of having the most still photographs of yourselves. Since your requirement was fulfilled, you were the chosen ones that transported here in this exclusive place. This was my territory, though, and you managed to access this place. About your friends, they were stuck somewhere in the other zone and somehow they weren’t able to get into this zone due to the fact that they don’t have enough still photographs of themselves. That rule is a simplicity, right?”

“Call it simplicity in your face, you piece of-”

Before Neptune tries to complete her foul sentence, Honoka tries to shut her up by casting a burst of energy.

“Haha! That was fun! I don’t think that your foul words can stop me!” said Honoka.

As Chika can’t take what she feels anymore, she steps in the front and talks.

“So what do you want to desire, my dear?” asked Honoka.

Chika then speaks to her and said, “The truth is… I had been looking for you for so long. I just wanted to know of what it means to be a school idol. I wanted to know more of the experiences, as well as some knowledge. Now that I had met you for the second time around, I want to experience it more!”

“Oh… How sweet. But then, what was your single wish?”

“My wish was… I want to meet my friends again! I just wanted to meet them for the last time before going back to my own world! And my other wish was…”

“I only grant a single wish. But then, I can grant you another one if you-”

“Grant me another one! I will give all of these still photographs of us to you in exchange for one last wish! My other wish was… Please, make us return back to our own worlds!”

Neptune butts in the conversation and said, “That’s what I am also wishing for! Thanks! ^_^”

Chika gave up all of the still photographs collected to Honoka and she was crying in tears.

“It’s alright,” said Honoka. “Even though we are far away in the stars, I am always at your side, forever… In your heart. You have grown mature now and you must know how to move on. You must continue the ‘legend’ and I know you can do it! I am well believing you to that! Now, I will grant you the two wishes that you have made. Close your eyes and imagine.”

The scene now begins to flash in white.

As the wishes are being granted, Neptune said, “Was that it? Can I finally go home? I don’t know how will it turn out but… Find out in the last chapter and see! That’s right! The next chapter is THE LAST! Yes, I am not kidding!”


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