Chapter 11: The Mystery Behind

In the previous chapter, Neptune and Kurumi did a dance showdown. The one who receives the still photograph is the winner.

“And the winner of the showdown was…” said Chika as she announces the winner.

“Neptune! She has won the showdown!”

“Alright!” said Neptune. “Told you! I can do it without any hesitation!”

“Good job on winning…” said Kurumi.

“That means, Kurumi is joining with us and she will become an Idol Gamer!”

“You did it, Miss Neptune!” said Noel. “I am saved!”

“Very impressive victory,” said Clarion.

“Well, I didn’t expect that you win that easily!” said Chika. “Why not dance and challenge me, sometime?”

As they celebrate Neptune’s victory over Kurumi in a dance showdown, Kurumi steps in and said, “Well, I got no other choice, but to tell you this mystery behind the Graphos Labyrinth and the Crescent Kiss.”

“So what do you want to tell us about?” asked Neptune.

“Well, you asked for it! Ready to hear it? It was somehow long,” said Kurumi.

She then begins to narrate and tell them everything.

“When I first being thrown here in Graphos Labyrinth, I already learned its existence. Every action and movements that I make are recorded and captured. As I collect these photographs, I can learn that I can already transport to any other places around! But one day, a certain group of girls has appeared and they invited to join me. The name of that group was called the Crescent Kiss. The leader has invited me to join and she told me that it was pointless for me to continue if I don’t join. What she meant was that I had no other place to go. I joined that group and we travel and wander around the Graphos Labyrinth to search for our photographs. And yes, our mission was just the same.”

“So where are those girls now in Crescent Kiss?” asked Neptune. “And who was the leader?”

“You might get surprised if I tell you this. That leader was none other than the legendary school idol, Honoka.”

“No! It can’t be!” said Chika in surprise. “It’s hard to believe it!”

Kurumi then said to Chika, “The other girls from the Crescent Kiss has disappeared. I think they went back already to their original worlds since their wish has been fulfilled.”

“That Honoka girl, huh?” said Neptune. “Guess what, we are going to find her and that is our mission today!”

“I think this could be exciting, at least,” said Clarion. “I can’t wait to see with that girl again.”

“Miss Honoka is a nice girl!” said Noel. “I had been to her group along with Miss Kurumi! We just need to collect more photographs of us in order to see her again!”

“I think you got a point, Noel,” said Chika. “We must now collect enough photographs of us! In this rate, we can find and talk to her!”

“Alright!” said Neptune. “I think we should start moving now… Yeah!”

“Remember the unlock system that you had mentioned before?” said Clarion. “That is what we were going to do to find her!”

“Okay,” said Neptune. “Let’s go and let this mission begin!”

“Yeah!” said everyone.

Kurumi joins as the fifth Idol Gamer and joins them on their mission. Now, their mission in fulfilling their wish was close at hand. Will they ever collect enough photographs to find Honoka and fulfill their wish to go back to their own worlds?

Find out next time in the next chapter. This Blog Post Series is coming into a close to end.


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