Chapter 10: Dance Showdown!

“We will do a dance showdown!” said Kurumi. “The first one to have a still picture of herself while dancing is the winner!”

“Alright, here’s the deal,” said Noel. “If Miss Neptune loses the dance showdown, I will join back the Crescent Kiss.”

It looks like the deal is now set, and Noel was on the line.

“I hope Neptune doesn’t screw up,” said Clarion. “I know her and sometimes she was screwing up!”

“Don’t worry, Miss Clarion,” said Chika. “I can feel that she can do it and she has a sense of will to do what is right.”

The dance showdown begins.

Neptune was just energetic and confident. She was giving it all to capture every fans’ attention.

Kurumi was just very cool and calm. She was just dancing with the rhythm without wasting too much energy and movements.

The dance showdown was finally over. The question was who could be having a still photograph?

“I am getting nervous now,” said Noel.

“I am expecting major happenings here,” said Chika. “I don’t know what will happen next!”

“All we need to do was to believe,” said Clarion. “If all fails, then all hope is lost.”

Suddenly, a still photograph was formed and Chika was able to grab it. The question was who could be the one who has the still photograph? Was it Neptune or Kurumi? As said earlier, the one who has the still photograph will win the showdown.

Find out in the next chapter if Neptune would win or lose.


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