Chapter 9: Taking All Back

The Idol Gamers has transported to an another place again. The place was very new to them and they believe that it was caused by the unlock system by the Graphos Labyrinth. They were smiling as they knew that they had collected a lot of still photographs of themselves during their journey of hopping to other dimensions. They were just thinking if those still photographs of themselves were enough to make themselves return to their respective worlds.

“So far, we had collected 10 still photographs during our journey,” said Clarion.

“We can’t believe that we are making it this far!” said Chika. “We have to keep going!”

“So beautiful,” said Noel. “I can’t imagine that I had that good-looking photograph of mine since then.”

“Whoa!” said Neptune. “I am so photogenic on that one, too!”

But then, a mysterious voice was heard saying, “Excellent. But I am here to take all of them back!”

The Idol Gamers turned their backs and saw this mysterious girl.

“Miss Kurumi, I am sorry,” said Noel. “I was forced by them to join and I had no choice but to side with them!”

“Oh, very amusing, Noel,” said Kurumi. “After you left my group, then you joined another group just for fun? This isn’t a funny game anymore.”

“Alright, I will join back to the group, the Crescent Kiss, Miss Kurumi.”

“Very well. Now, come over here and rejoin my group!”

Neptune reacts and said, “Don’t let her control your feelings, Noel! I can sense something which will put you to danger!”

“Miss Neptune, thank you for everything,” said Noel. “I will rejoin the Crescent Kiss this time around!”

“Noel, wait!” said Clarion. “All I can say was that I distrust Kurumi! She will just make you suffer again!”

As Noel steps near to her, something unexpected happened. Kurumi pulled her gun and she pointed it to her. Noel became sad and said, “It’s all my fault. I just wanted to die.”

Neptune suddenly steps in, but Kurumi said, “Do not interfere! She will die if you try to rescue her!”

“You wanted her so badly?” said and asked Neptune. “Why not take me instead, huh?”

She then pointed her gun to Neptune and said, “Alright, maybe I can play with you, a bit.”

“Alright! Let’s have a deal, Kurumi!” said Neptune.

“Now what? You want a deal? Interesting, hahaha!”

“Let’s go and settle this! If I lose, then Noel is yours!”

“Very good, I wanted that deal. But then, what will happen if I lose?”

“It’s simple! You will join us and become an Idol Gamer!”

“It looks like the deal is set. Let’s settle this, but of course we will not do violence, haha!”

“No violence? That would be fun!”

“I don’t think this was a good idea,” said Clarion. “She was just putting it all in a risk!”

“Don’t worry, Miss Clarion,” said Chika. “I believe Neptune and I am sure she can do it!”

“I think our only choice was to believe with her.”

“That’s what my friend has taught me! We should not give up! We must stand and believe!”

Noel’s fate as an Idol Gamer was put on the line. If Neptune loses, Noel must join back the Crescent Kiss group. Kurumi wants a no-violent contest. So what could be the contest that these two will make? Who would win? Find out in the next chapter and see.


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