Chapter 8: I am Not Alone!

The Idol Gamers had set their course to finding Noel in the other dimension.

“Clarion,” asked Chika. “Did you know Noel already? And what is this ‘group’ that you are asking about from her?”

“I had been looking for that group for a long time,” replied Clarion. “I know that there is some sort of connection between that person that I had met before.”

“Really, a person?” said Neptune. “I am curious of what was happening! I want to meet her soon!”

“For the meantime, we should set it aside. Let’s look for Noel first.”

“I think it might be stressful for me if I think about it more in my head.”

“Alright! Let’s go!”

Noel was frowning and she doesn’t know of what to do. She was just standing and said, “Maybe I should go back to my group already and I should apologize, but… I don’t think it will work! What should I do? Now that I have no place to go!”

The Idol Gamers have arrived at the scene where Noel was.

“Aha! Found you!” said Neptune.

“Noel, it is pointless if you run away from us now,” said Clarion. “All that you can get is only danger and harm.”

“Even if you said that, I can’t join. Since I have a group that I can return to, I can’t join you girls anymore,” said Noel and cries.

“Noel, listen,” said Clarion to her. “It is pointless to go back to that group. All that you can get were hard punishments and humiliation. If you can join us, then we can help you to get back to your own world!”

“Alright… I will join you!” said Noel. “But please, do not go hard with me!”

“Yeah!” said Chika. “The fourth Idol Gamer was born! We were so happy!”

“Why we don’t celebrate?” said Neptune. “Since Noel was in your party now, why not we do group hugs?”

“Yay!” said Chika. “We were so happy to have you here, Noel!”

“Thank you, girls!” said Noel. “I was enlightened now. Thank you!”

“Just enjoy being here,” said Clarion. “We will try our best so that we can return back to our own worlds!”

“Wow! What’s this? A still photograph of us?”

“That’s probably the photograph which was taken by the Graphos Labyrinth! Let’s grab and take it!”

“Wow… A photograph of us?”

“That’s right. We need to collect a lot of this so that we can return back to our own worlds!”

Now that they have Noel in their group, they had talked about of what they will do next.

“So what are we supposed to do now?” said and asked Neptune.

“Of course, we will continue our mission to collect these still photographs of us!” said Chika.

“Girls,” said Noel. “I know a place where we can have more still photographs of us!”

“That could be interesting to know,” said Clarion.

“Let’s go to this way!” said Chika. “Let’s take this warp rift and let’s go!”

“Okay, Miss Chika!” said Noel. “Let’s go to the next dimension!”

“Hey, hey! Wait for me!” said Neptune.

Now that they had recruited the latest member of the team, Neptune and the others will continue their mission in collecting their still photographs! At the same time, they had to make the people smile and have joy.

Meanwhile, not far from the place where the Idol Gamers was before, someone was watching over them since. And that girl in gothic dress said, “We will meet soon! Noel, you had picked your wrong decision in joining them.”

Who was this mysterious girl watching over them? Find out in the next chapter and see.


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