Chapter 7: Rejected Invitation

The three have transported to an another dimension or area. But instead of transporting to a new area, they have been transported back to the previous place.

“It seems that we had been back to this area again, Miss Neptune,” said Chika.

“Yeah! All over again!” said Neptune. “It seems that we were trapped into an infinite loop! Was this a programming code bug?”

Clarion has woke and got up and said, “I think there might be a reason why we got back here.”

“Look over there!” said Chika. “There is someone over there! She was singing and dancing!”

“Oh!” said Neptune. “She was cute and young! She was just like me!”

“Wait, let us listen to her song first,” said Clarion. “Let us wait and finish her performance. Then we will try talking to her.”

The three watched the performance of the mysterious girl singing and dancing. After few minutes later, the girl finished her performance. This was the time that the three went down and talk to her.

“I hope that you enjoyed my performance here! Thank you for watching!” said the mysterious girl.

“Hi!” said Chika. “Your performance was awesome! Same as my performance as a school idol!”

“Great!” said Neptune. “It looks like you were worthy to be our ally! Would you accept our invitation and join us?”

“Wait, Neptune!”¬†interrupted Clarion. “You should not just send invitation to the ones whom we do not know yet!”

“Invitation? Join with you? I can, but not now. Because you know that…”

“What’s wrong? There is nothing wrong accepting invitation for being an Idol Gamer!”

“Clarion… Did you just said to me that I just not simply send invitation to the one that I don’t know? Why? She doesn’t look like stranger to me!”

“I know that, but… I am seeing something strange with this girl, at least.”

“Noel, tell me! Did you know of a certain group that you had joined recently?” asked Clarion. “Who were they?”

Then Noel replied with a sad expression and said, “Well, I got out from that group a while ago. It is because-”

“I want to know the name of that group! Who were they?”

“The name of that group was… I don’t remember! I just got out from that group because they were so strict and hard to me! At the same time, they betrayed me!”

“Why not join us?” said Neptune. “If you join us, you will become an Idol Gamer, just like us!”

“I am sure you will return back to your world if you join us!” said Chika. “We shall help you!”

Noel’s sad feelings were gone. But her frowning expression has never faded and replied, “Well, I am not going to join you. If you were going to betray me in the end, then I will not hesitate to leave you behind.”

“Wait Noel!” said Clarion. “There is much we can ask from you! Wait!”

Noel has jumped into the other dimension and left them behind.

“Well, it was my fault for sending her away!” said Neptune. “I am sorry guys!”

“That’s alright, Miss Neptune,” said Chika. “We shall try following her to that dimension!”

“We should not lose hope,” said Clarion. “I think there is still a chance that she can join us.”

“Let’s go, girls! Let us make Noel join us in our team!” said Neptune.

“We shall¬†do our best so that we can return back to our own worlds!” said Chika.

“Let us go to the next dimension!” said Clarion. “The more we wait, the harder our quest. Let’s go!”

The three immediately warped to the next dimension. Will they ever convince Noel to join their team and became the fourth Idol Gamer? Find out in the next chapter and see.


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