You are yourself.

There is nothing wrong with someone who wanted to be as that person he or she sees in a TV or other media. The thing is he or she must retain his or her own self when doing that. Being yourself defines of who really you are. But also, as yourself, you can be anything! You can be anything as long as you can retain your own self-image.

Nendoroid Noel in “Aozora Jumping Heart” outfit

We people, as much as possible, don’t just limit our skills and interests to just only one. Having only one interest or field isn’t good for us, though! A balanced set of skills and interests is a must have for us! For example, my forte was designing web pages and my secondary was my bicycle skills. Obviously, I don’t focus just on web designing alone, but also I give focus on other aspects like biking, Anime, cooking, etc. Also, you need to give focus sometimes on something useful — something useful in which you can use it on your everyday life.

Nendoroid Noel on pink wedding dress add-on

There is nothing wrong limiting your hobbies, so as long as you don’t get addicted to it like drugs. Sometimes, it is best to moderate them if possible, since they can take a lot of your money, which was supposed to be used also on your daily needs. You want to have luxurious life? In order to make that happen, you have to get through hardships and and work hard to earn and to succeed any trials that get in your way.

Embrace and love everything that we have regardless if it is ugly or not.

Nothing in this Earth was easy to perform. You just need to suffer and carry any trials that it has in order to pass. You can choose to be anything, whether you like to be a pilot, or even a captain of a boat. All of those roles you wanted to be require some tests or trials, which you have to pass. And also be prepared for the consequences or the dilemma in which you might encounter during the process.

“I will cosplay this character! It’s so embarrassing!”

You can be anything like a pro gamer, cosplayer, or even a professional photographer. You can be anything that you like if you had grown in the right age. As long as you can maintain your own self, you can be anything that you like. Of course, being like that character will give you some horrible consequences. For example, in cosplay, there are people who disliked you. The best part was to be yourself, so long as you don’t hurt or bash other people’s feelings. If they keep bashing you, just ignore them. The people who were supporting you will handle the rest.

There is nothing wrong being like anybody else. You just need to be yourself and do not get carried away by the feelings. Just believe and don’t lose hope. Ignore any people who tried to let you down of what you do. Just continue of what you are doing, as long as you don’t squish other people’s feelings.


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