Chapter 6: The Unlock System!

It was that time when they warped instantly to the another place again.

“Now that we are already three, it is time for us to start!” said Neptune. “But then, how are we gonna start?”

“It seems you are just repeating your words, Miss Neptune!” said Chika.

“Yeah right. And I am just thinking of an idea…”

“I had seen something strange. Was this place where we landed a few moments ago?”

“Oh, and I didn’t noticed that either. The places were just repeating.”

“The question is… What is wrong with this Graphos Labyrinth dimension? I don’t understand.”

“I think we need to do something-”

Clarion suddenly pulls her weapon and said, “So do you think this was just a game? Are you telling me that this was all a joke?”

“Whoa! Calm down!” said Neptune. “I am trying everything to get ourselves back to our own worlds! Just let me get some time to think first!”

“Miss Neptune has a point,” said Chika. “We should think first before we go on.”

“It seems that we should find out the secrets within Graphos Labyrinth. Or else we would have a hard time.”

“That’s what we were thinking in the first place! In fact, our first hint was to produce still photographs of ourselves while we do some actions!”

“The dimension itself was just like a lens of a camera. So every action we take here was taken and recorded.”

“So did you just say that the places we go are just repeating? Hmm… According to what I have heard…”

Chika became curious and asked, “What did you had heard before, Miss Clarion?”

“According to someone that I had heard before just at the time after being thrown here in the Graphos Labyrinth,” said Clarion, “the only way to get to those other worlds was to collect more still photographs. I am pretty much not sure about that rumor, but I think that could be it.”

“So then, I have a still photograph of you two here in my pocket. I think we should start collecting more as soon as possible!”

Neptune suddenly stands out and said, “I got it… I GOT IT!!”

“What did you had in mind now?” asked Clarion.

“In order for us to unlock a new place randomly, we should collect more still photographs of ourselves! The more we collect, the higher the chance for that world to be unlocked! I call this the ‘Unlock’ system!”

“Well, thank me for that hint. Because if I don’t tell it on a right time, you might as well get stuck in this world forever.”

“Well nice! Thank you!”

“So was this truly our time to shine?” asked Chika.

“Of course we do!” said Neptune. “Let’s try our best to get out from Graphos Labyrinth!”

“As do I,” said Clarion. “I stand ready.”

Suddenly, the dimension was becoming unusual in stability and this caused the three to be flying in the air in no time. This was the time that they were about to be transported to another dimension or place.

“Wah… This was all of a sudden! What was happening?”

What could be the next thing to happen after they were transported to the new place or dimension? Find out soon in the next chapter.


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