Chapter 5: Every Moment is Captured

“Why?” asked Chika. “Why do they need to fight each other?”

As Neptune and Clarion continue to clash at each other, an aura was giving out within them. What could this be meaning? Suddenly, Chika saw the formation of the mysterious material in front of her. She saw it in her eyes.

Then she said, “Could this be… Could this be the captured moment that she was talking about?”

Meanwhile, Neptune and Clarion are still clashing at each other. With no one was able to scratch at each other, they began talking.

“You aren’t serious fighting, don’t you?” asked Clarion.

“It was natural for me to fight in this condition and I am always smiling!” replied Neptune. “In fact, I was full of energy fighting with you! Also, playing with you is very fun and I enjoyed it!”

“I do not be fazed by your useless dialogue! Come on and get me!”

“Seeing you like that is not very cool. You are indeed a total loser!”

“Shut up! Don’t mock me! I am not a loser!”

“See? You are still a loser. If you can’t strip away your anger and depression, then you are not a cool person. I am still smiling, even though I can’t still hit you! I am trying my best to not lose my coolness!”

Clarion backs away and she stops attacking.

“I am just defending myself instead of attacking you many times.”

“The truth was… I am sad and depressed. That’s all. I am needing someone to talk or to mingle with.”

“Thank goodness! It’s over!” said Chika with happiness. “You had finally stopped your fighting!”

“Well, my words had finally reached her lonely heart after all,” said Neptune.

“Neptune! Now I finally understand about of what are we really going to do in this Graphos Labyrinth!”

“Oh really? What is it? What are we supposed to do?”

“As I see you fighting, an image of you two has been appeared and generated! I grabbed it and now it was in my possession now!”

“Whoa… Was there a paparazzi or somebody elsewhere taking our picture of our fight scene?”

“I really get it now. The Graphos Labyrinth was a one big camera itself!”

“So if the Graphos Labyrinth has the ability to change dimensions or places over time, then the dimension itself was the… No way… The lens of a camera?”

Clarion joins in the conversation and said, “Exactly. That what the mysterious school idol has told me when I am being thrown into this world.”

Now that they understand about the Graphos Labyrinth. Chika then said, “Now I had the first photo of you guys fighting. This was the captured moment, right? That means we need to collect more of this, right? I will keep this photo and once we collected enough of these, then we can go back to our own worlds, right?”

“Exactly!” said Neptune. “All we need to do was to do some moments that the Graphos Labyrinth itself can capture!”

“Chika, I am sorry,” said Clarion. “Are you willing to forgive me?”

“Don’t worry about that!” replied Chika. “I will forgive you now. Just cheer up, okay? Think that it’s over!”

Because of that, Clarion’s feelings has been enlightened.

This was the time that Clarion has decided and said, “I decided to join you girls in your mission. It was pointless for me to go alone if I am going for the same mission as yours.”

Neptune and Chika were happy as a new member of their group has finally joined.

“I am Clarion, an android,” said Clarion. “I was thrown here into this Graphos Labyrinth because I had a mission to fulfill.”

“So now that we are three, we are set to clear this major mission!” said Neptune.

“Neptune, please be my master! I want a hug, please!”

“Oh uh… I think this was the time to run away now! She’s so scary!”

Now that they were three, they are all set to go for the mission!

Idol Gamers. They were the group of girls who were going for one mission: To bring smiles and joy to people around the world through to their still photographs of themselves. In order to do that, they should do any actions or moments that make people happy!

See you next time in the next chapter!


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