Chapter 4: First Border

“From now on, we are called as the Idol Gamers!” said Chika.

“As expected from you!” said Neptune. “I really like that group name!”

“Tee-hee… Now that we have a group name, it is time to begin with our mission!”

“Alright! But then… Where do we start? Hmm…”

The surroundings of the Graphos Labyrinth has changed once again and they were transported into the another area which is new to them.

“So, the Graphos Labyrinth was completely changing periodically,” said Chika.

“What are we supposed to do now?” asked Neptune. “I can’t think of a thing to start with!”

As they can’t find out of what are they supposed to do next, a voice from nowhere was heard and said, “Why not try me instead? I can help you start of what you want to do in life!”

With the voice heard, they turned around and they saw a mysterious character. Now they questioned and asked of who was she.

“I am Clarion, a mysterious wanderer,” she said. “I am here to steal your scene!”

“What? I don’t understand!” replied Neptune. “Did you mean are you going to steal life from us?”

“Hmm…” said Chika. “Was she lost just like us?”

“And what did you mean lost, missy? Do not mock me! I am going to take your scene away!”

Clarion suddenly performs her attack. She was about to give Chika a scratch, but then Neptune blocks her.

“Hey, hey!” said Neptune. “She ain’t doing anything bad to you! Don’t start a fight here!”

“Shut up! I am really angry right now!”

“If that’s the case then… PREPARE YOURSELF! I can’t activate my HDD here but… I can summon someone to help me aid in my battle!”

“Stop your useless dialogue! Let’s fight!”

“Bring it on! I will not back out!”

Neptune and Clarion begin clashing with their weapons and they fight.

“Why is this happening…?” asked Chika and she was watching aside. “Why do they need to fight each other?”

As Neptune and Clarion clash each other, something is giving out within them.

Chika observes and said, “What was that aura within them? It was being released within them as they fight! Could it be…?”

She then continues to observe and learn as Neptune and Clarion kept clashing at each other. What could be that aura that is being released within them mean? Find out in the next chapter and see.


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