Chapter 3: Let’s Form a Group!

Now that Neptune and Chika are now allies, it was now the time for them to think of what to do next. Of course, they are about to form something like a group.

They didn’t expect that they will be instantly warped into the another place or dimension. Their surroundings had been changed.

“As expected by that Graphos Labyrinth…” said Neptune. “We had been instantly warped into the another place!”

“I see…” said Chika. “This dimension was changing and we had been standing here into a new place.”

“So then, what are we supposed to do now?”

“I don’t know. But just like Honoka said, we need to show it all — everything that we got.”

“Oh… So that could be… embarassing. Oh well, time to do some action!”

Neptune thought of something. She decided to think up of forming a party or group.

“So what comes to your mind now?” asked Chika.

“Let’s form a party or a group!” said Neptune. “I am going to make you the leader!”

“Leader? But I am already the leader of a school idol group! There is no need for me to be a leader in this group!”

“Oh, sigh…  So that means I am gonna do it by myself… I am so lonely….”

Chika tries to cheer Neptune up.

“Now that I got nobody to help me, then I can’t create a group or party now!” said Neptune

“Alright… Don’t cry.” said Chika. “I am going to make you the leader of the group that you are about to form. I am going to be the second member!”

“Really? Now that I am filled with encouragement. Thank you!”

“Remember to just behave as a leader. Or else, I will leave you behind!”

“Okay, okay! I understand!”

Now that Chika and Neptune formed a party or a group, they are now going to think of a name to be used in their group. What could it be? They begin to laugh and tease themselves.

“Neptune,” asked Chika. “What was your interest or hobby?”

“Of course, I play video games!” replied Neptune.

“Now that I thought of something, I thought of a group name to be used in our party.”

“Had you thought of a name? What could it be? Hmm…”

“The thing is… I am a school idol, and you are a gamer! Now I know of a name to be used! And the name of our newly-formed group is…”

Find out in the next chapter of what they will do next after deciding of their group name!


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