Chapter 2: Our Mission!

The girl in orange hair has finally awakened from her sleep thanks to Neptune.

“You okay now?” asked Neptune. “It looks like you have been warped here from your world!”

“Thank you for saving my life, Miss Eggplant in cool jersey!” said the cheerful girl.

“Waaa~ My name is not Miss Eggplant! You know that I hate eating eggplants!”

“Oh, sorry… Sorry. Anyway, let me introduce myself. You can call me Chika.”

“My name is Neptune, a console goddess!”

“That’s cool!”

“You know what? I like your outfit! Can I try it on?” said and asked Neptune.

“Um… Maybe not now because I don’t have a spare clothes to use!” said Chika.

“Okay, never mind. Anyway, we were trapped here in an unknown daydream dimension.”

“What do you mean by that? Did you mean…”

“Yeah, I tried anything, but I can’t seem to go back to my own world for now. I think I, no, we got a mission here!”

“A mission? That’s great to hear!”

“For the meantime, let us be friends! You know that I can’t survive without one in my side!”

“Sure! Let’s be friends! I can help if there is a problem!”

So then, they joined hands together and they become friends.

After that time that they joined forces, somebody from behind has appeared before them.

“Wait.. That’s… The legendary school idol!” said Chika.

“Did you know her, Chika?” asked Neptune. “Oh, what a turnout of events!”

The legendary school idol then said, “So, you had been landed and trapped here in this world. This is what they call the Graphos Labyrinth, or the dimension of words.”

“Graphos Labyrinth… the dimension of words… Was that the reason why I got separated from my group? Oh no…”

“Now I know. Thank you miss legendary school idol!”

“Let me introduce myself. I am Honoka, a legendary school idol.”

So then, Honoka explained to them everything.

“Graphos Labyrinth was a mysterious world of figure photography. It was actually a dimension, wherein all of your actions, even the simplest ones can be recorded and photographed. Chika, you have to express yourself and show everything that you got as an individual. And that is the only way to get back to your own world.”

“Graphos Labyrinth… So in order to get back to my own world, I must…” said Chika.

“That’s right,” said Honoka. “You have to show everything that you got. Don’t lose hope and keep going!”

“Thank you! As long as you are on our side, we can do anything!”

Neptune was completely out of the topic and said, “Oh, what a best love going for you two! I am quite envious!”

“Neptune! Chika! Remember of what I had said: You are in the world called Graphos Labyrinth. You have to show everything that you got in order to get back to your world! You have to show to them joy and happiness! That’s the only way to get back to your own world! This is all that I can get. I have to go… Bye! We will see each other again!” Honoka said and she disappeared.

“Honoka…” said Chika as she cries in tears. “We will meet each other again, someday!”

“Oh… I guess we really got a mission now,” said Neptune. “Our mission was very simple! But then, how did that Honoka girl guess up my name?”

As Chika realized of what really her mission was, she became energetic as ever!

Same goes to Neptune being as energetic as ever.

“Let’s go and think of something we can show to everyone!” said Chika.

“That’s right, Chika!” said Neptune. “Let’s go and explore some things around!”

So what could be their next step in their journey? Since they become friends, what could be their next thing to do? Find out in the next chapter to see what they can do.

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