Love Live! fan since October 2, 2016.

The faces of these cute, bubbly girls never stop teasing me. They always enter in my mind when I least expect it — the shiny eyes, the trademarked mannerisms, the skimpy but children-safe colorful costumes and dresses, and their genki (cheerful) yet alluring, cute voices. In the past time before I knew about this, I am always running into this kind of nightmare, yet the good one.

“I was there that time and I saw you!”

So did I find out this Love Live! trend train? It was unexpected for me, though. That time, I was focused on the other series in which I was still addicted/loyal to. When I found out that it was interesting to my taste of interest, I tried giving it a shot to myself. I just said, “Let me try watching this. It looks promising.”

“I wanna feel the warmth of your hug! Come over and join me in our adventure!”

What is ‘Love Live!’?

The Love Live! School Idol Project is a Japanese Anime multimedia project. This was produced by the collaborating companies, the Japanese Anime music label Lantis, animation studio Sunrise, and Dengeki G’s Magazine, a magazine by ASCII Media Works (KADOKAWA Group label).

This project began somewhere in 2010 and it starts as a multimedia project, where it introduces female high school characters who were grouped and formed a band together. This project was dubbed as the School Idol Project. The girls will produce music and singles, as well as making a full music video out of that music. At the time before the Anime was produced later, several polls and surveys were announced and sent out. They were voted and decided by people of what could be the character designs, as well as the name of the group to be used in the project.

The series got a boom and it expanded into several adaptations, including the TV Anime that was aired in January 2013, Manga and light novels, smartphone and video games, and its feature Anime film.

A sequel of this series, called the Love Live! Sunshine!!, was an addition to the Love Live! Anime Universe.

“What do you want to desire in life, my dear one?”  Scale Figure is not mine. Read this for more.

History of my Love Live! Discovery

At the time when I run out of Anime shows to watch (That time I didn’t watch anything), I started looking for something interesting that will change my world of Anime experience. When I heard from my friends about this, I feel motivated. I just said, “This looks promising.” Despite that I didn’t watch the original TV Anime that was aired previously yet, I still go and watch the feature Anime film. And this was my first stepping stone to the Love Live! Universe. Oh, and I am not an official fan of this series yet. No, not yet.

In October 2015, I tried watching its feature film. Yes, and that time, I was invited to watch. I thought I had no friends with me watching that, but in the end, I got one and those were coming from the group or community where I currently joined as of now. That was the feature film in which I am impressed because of the musicals, though the CGI movements or certain patterns of the scene made my head ache a bit. I just asked silently to myself, “Why are they crying? Was that the manly tears in which they are talking about?”

Although I took the stepping stone of this series, I was NOT YET an official fan. Somewhere in July 2016, I watched first the Love Live! Sunshine!! Anime. I still remember the feature Anime film that I watched the last and I treated that as the first stepping stone to the series. In other words, the Anime film was my first series that I watched before Love Live! Sunshine!! Anime.

So how come did I went to this series without watching first the first Anime Series before the feature Anime film? My rules was just simple. I treated the Anime film as my beginning timeline, then Love Live! Sunshine!! as the succeeding timeline. Then finally, I treated the first Anime series before the Anime film as a prequel or flashback memories of that feature Anime film! Got it? But this will be explained further in the succeeding paragraphs below.

At the day where I watched the thirteenth episode (I dubbed it as Live No. 13) of Love Live! Sunshine!!, this had made me realize something in my daily life from now on. This was the time that I decided to begin my fandom of this series.

Though the feature Anime film was my first stepping stone in the Love Live! Universe in October 2015, I was not yet a fan. But until that day, I saw the feature smartphone gaming app. I was bit impressed, though I am seeing this app a lot of times lately when I tried searching for some interesting smartphone games in my device. On October 2, 2016, that was the time that I decided to download and play that feature smartphone app to my device. This was the day that I call myself as an official Love Live! fan.

The feature gaming app, Love Live! School idol festival, was running on my Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime phone. That device was easy to use, though it has lots of bloatware.

This was not yet done of my discovery of the Love Live! Universe. Around mid-November 2016, I started to fill out the missing puzzle piece. That was the time that I decided to watch the first Anime series. Remember that I treated that series as a flashback memory of the feature Anime film. Now that I know the characters even more, even after watching the film since 2015 of October. And so, the Love Live! fever continues. This was the beginning of the Legend.

“I will be the superstar!”

My O and E About This

Now, it is the time to talk about my opinions and experiences about this series.

Ever since from the date when I became a fan, I can feel a sudden drastic change in aspects not just in the my social media world, but also on my other aspects, such as my figure photography hobby. I had been posting about Love Live! lately and about 70 percent are it. Because of it, I had met some new friends outside of my own friend network. Luckily, for me, majority of them are coming from the school where I first graduated High School!

In Love Live! School idol festival gaming app (I will shorten this as SIF or LLSIF), I started playing because I liked and enjoyed it just for fun. It took me patience and perseverance to maneuver and master ever step. I started to the easiest one first since I began playing, until I am taking one step at time to a higher difficulty. Because of the inspirational messages and encouragement given by the characters in game, I tried putting my efforts in playing the game, and I can survive some songs in higher difficulty. And I can sometimes get a full combo on a higher difficulty without me knowing! Playing this game is just like my biking hobby. If you got a mistake by getting tripped over, then it will be a disaster.

The Aqours First Love Live! ~Step! ZERO to ONE~ was a total blockbuster!

Aside from attending local Anime conventions and events, I had also attended some other events like this one. From the start, I think of not attending that live viewing and I just thought it was just a drawing or draft. I want to pursue and accomplish it. Though the ticket was very painful to the pocket, I still want to afford it and I want to fulfill that mission. Also, during the event, I had met some new friends there, as mentioned before. Although that I can understand a little Japanese language, I had learned something from that event — something that motivates me to do something even more in my hobby.

The ‘Me’ in the Future

So what will happen to me if I keep following the footsteps of the Love Live! Universe? I don’t know. But then, my revolution has finally started since months ago! I do not know what will happen in the future, but all I can see is a blank silhouette of me. I do not know that appearance, but that silhouette of me is the me in the future. I do not know yet my fate, but I had to go through and keep going until I can find it!

Although that I am a fan of Love Live!, I must still control or balance my passion. Balancing or controlling it can help me to be stable in my daily life or my hobbies. Otherwise, if I can’t control my passion to it, it will become soon an addiction wherein I will fall and my life will be destroyed devastatingly.

This is my revolution! This is the beginning of the legend!

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