Chapter 1: Wake Up!

The day was very busy and everyone is working. Everyone is working hard except for one. Neptune was sleeping all day and she has no idea what time was it. She didn’t actually know that she warped from the different dimension of her world.

“What? Where am I?” asked Neptune as she was clueless of where was she. “I had been sleeping for almost a day and I had no idea what I am doing!”

She then gets up and she stretched up a bit. Then, she began walking around.

“I wonder what place was this. The question was… Was it a dream? Did I land into something? Was it like an illusion or daydream dimension in which I can do anything? Oh man… I guess I need to wake myself up.”

She then slaps herself over and over. But she thought it was not a dream.

“Oh… It’s not a dream! In fact, I was not dreaming anymore! Well, it looks like I had no Eject Button item here to get back to my own world! Crap! In fact, I can’t return to my world anymore! Help! Somebody help me!”

Instead of panicking, Neptune tries to find a way to get back to her own world, but failed desperately. Until she realized that the real life has just begun for her.

“I see now. I understand now. Maybe I can start a new life here. Now that I can’t get back to my own world, I must still try my best to get back! But I got a feeling that there are other people like me who were lost in a situation just like what I am facing now, so… Still, I will find a way!”

Instead of panicking and worrying, Neptune thinks and realizes.

“Now I got it. I had a mission that I should accomplish as a goddess! I will show to them that I am not a slack-off-goddess who does nothing but rest! I will show to them that I can be great, too! I will surpass them someday! I shall be the superstar of my world! Haha! Just as planned!”

This was where Neptune realized that she got an important mission — a mission in which she must fulfill her duties as a goddess in order for her to get back to her own world.

But then, what kind of idea or plan that Neptune has in mind?

Later, Neptune walks around the area and looks for something useful. Until that time that she was walking, she saw a fainted girl lying facing down on the ground. She was clueless of what happened to her. She approaches and tries to wake her up.

Who could be that mysterious girl? Was she suffered the same fate as Neptune? Find out in the next chapter!


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