It’s a crossover for the two centers once again!

While thinking for a new blog post series to post soon, my mind was imagining something else. That time, I was bored and I don’t know what to do next. So then, my imagination struck into my mind and I try once again to crossover the two centers of the LoveLive! universe.

Nendoroid Chika Takami was my recent Nendoroid haul. She was very cute and charming, though. Although that her poses and expressions are limited, I can somehow manipulate her poses by changing the surroundings or the atmosphere of the photograph zone that I am about to take. It took me about an hour to complete some of her poses. I did not use the reference poses provided by the box. But instead, I created the poses of my own which will match my imaginations in mind.

I know it was not enough. So, I added Nendoroid Honoka in the scene!

For Nendoroid Honoka, she was my haul ever since I started to enter the LoveLive! universe. I am just trying to fill in the ‘missing link’ between these two. So I decided to join them together in one photoshoot.

She was a center of the legendary school idol group. She was my inspiration and that’s why I decided to join Nendoroid Chika in some of her photo sets.

In some time around, I can give my opinion and experience with the LoveLive! universe. Since I am just new and recently entered that series, I can give that O & E soon.

More photo sets can be found on my Facebook page! Be sure to check them out!


2 thoughts on “Nendoroid Chika and Honoka

    • Hi! I got them from my local shop here in my country. Yes, I am also playing that smartphone game. If you had checked and followed my Instagram account, there is a photo post there in which I had posted my details there! Cheers~

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