Chapter 12 (Final): The Future Works

At last, this Blog Post Series of mine has finally reached its end! This time, I am gonna talk about my future works that I am gonna make soon.

Any future works today that I am gonna feature? Hmm… Maybe not yet. But I am gonna show you my current works as of now.

This picture above was an example of mixing parts. Had I mentioned this before in the previous chapter? Well, I guess that’s it.

I am also doing some other projects, like giving my opinions and experiences, as well as issues and trends that are happening around in the Anime World today. It is important that every fan should know about these topics in order for them not just to be aware, but to give them useful and relevant information.

Yep, I am also doing the thirty-day photo post in my page. I had did this before in the other sub-page. So then, my plan was to revive this project — to post photos in a scheduled manner. I will be doing this project similar to this, but it will feature a different Anime figure/character.

The ALTER 1/7 Maki Nishikino was a great figure to handle. It was owned by my friend and he allowed me to take photos of her and I posted the photos in this blog and to my Facebook Page.

Heard of collaboration with other fellow collectors or photographers? I will try that sooner. Since I had collaborated with a friend by lending his/her figure and then taking a photo with it, I am gonna do this stuff once again if I had made up my mind.

A new Blog Post Series is incoming! WHAT???

I am gonna begin doing with this stuff by starting to take photos at home. And guess what? What was the title of that incoming Blog Post Series? Find it out soon! I hope that I won’t be get delayed because of laziness and distraction — they were my enemies, though.


And that’s it for this Blog Post Series, The Photobook Diaries! I hope that you guys have enjoyed reading through the entire month… almost! See you next time… Someday. 🙂


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