Chapter 11: Literature – Blog Post Series

On the second part of my Literature project, I will talk about this time the Blog Post Series. Blog Post Series are series of blog posts that tells a story or narration. It was usually a written fictitious story, just like the Short Stories, or a series of sequential stories that tell a single main plot. It usually spans for about three or more chapters (or posts).

“Dude, aren’t we supposed to work on a same script?”

Blog Post Series can be a challenging motivation to work. Since I like posting Short Stories, I thought and decided of an idea — to create series of blog posts that tell a common story. To begin, I took a lot of pictures before uploading them. Then, I tried working on a script. After revising, that was the time that I am going to publish it. However, in Blog Post Series, before they were published publicly, I will post them, but in a scheduled manner. For example, I had made a Chapter 1 blog post. I will schedule it in the third week of March, at Monday. Then, I will soon create the Chapter 2 post, and then I will post it just two days after Chapter 1 and that was also scheduled. In other words, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 were posted in a scheduled manner in the third week of March, Monday and Wednesday, respectively. But when did I published them on schedule? When I schedule posts, it was usually one week before the publish date.

“Once you slack around and get lazy, you won’t be able to achieve what you want to desire.”

This kind of work in this type of project, besides doing Anime figure photography, can be tiring and stressful. For me, I should put a time frame of when this Blog Post Series can be published. It was important that if I promised something, then I should do it without any hesitation. I do not want my projects to get delayed either, since it can lose my reputation and respect to myself.

“Looks like our script’s messed up in no time!”

My Blog Post Series can be of any genre. It will depend on me since I am the author, and it can be a narrative form of speaking wherein I can give my freedom or speak freely. Or in other side, it can be a series of individual stories that tell one plot or story flow.

Guess what? We were heading towards the final chapter of this Blog Post Series, The Photobook Diaries!

The next chapter will be the last! Do not miss it! This will talk about… Find it out.


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