Incoming new Blog Post Series is coming up soon!

The title of the new Blog Post Series is called, ‘Idol Gamers’! This will be in publish soon after the last chapter of the ongoing Blog Post Series was finished.

Idol Gamers tells about the group of girls (Nendoroid figures) coming from different worlds, dimensions and timelines. They have one common goal: to make people around the world smile and fill them with joy and laughter through with their still photographs of themselves!

Not all of these girls can have this goal. Sometimes, they have their personal reasons and issues, such as their hate, social issues, hardships, and so on. So how will they overcome that state in the middle of their long journey?

Find out as how did they make their first step from bottom to top; how they rise to popularity. This is the crossover Blog Post Series that you do not want to miss reading and viewing!

Tentatively, this new Blog Post Series will start at Wednesday UTC+8 next week! Cheers~!


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