Chapter 10: Literature – Short Stories

I decided that this should be the topic for this chapter. To mention, I like making short stories, besides taking still photos of my favorite Nendoroid figures. Literature was a part of my project within this blog, though. And to begin, I will tell you about of what comes into my mind and I decided to make this project as part of my figure photography blog.

Since I like playing and reading adventure stories, and they inspire me too much because of their lessons, I decided to put an application to my figure photography skills. And that is I made a Literature category. Under that, it will be ‘Short Stories’. These are one-shot stories that show a series of photos under one post that tells a short story. They can be fictitious or not real. Some of my short stories uses characters from other Anime or other TV series and they crossover into one scene. Remember that crossovers are not real, and it has nothing to do with the original Anime story, and so on.

This was the photo that I had taken and I used that in my short story post, and the title was Maiden on the Desert.

Sometimes, I do crossovers, but not too much. Since I am creating my own story, I also create my own characters in the scene. I mix some Nendoroid parts and I put them together in order to create a new appearance, which was very far from the original, default ones that I use. So, for the composing of a short story, it’s simple. I just think and brainstorm of a scene or a line. Then, I write them o a piece of paper or I type them on a notepad as draft. Once I had polished some errors and other changes, that short story was ready to be put on action. Then, I use those figures for my photo shoot set. I took photos of them many times in order to create a story timeline. After that, I put them in order and make minor changes to the story line if there is any.

This was an example of a crossover short story. It uses the characters from different Anime series. This short story was called, Let’s Do Some Dance!

If I had run out of ideas, then that’s the time that I must delay or postpone the posting of this kind of project. Since I am always stacked up and I am thinking a lot of things, then I should give myself a time to relax. If there is something that came into my mind at first, then that was the time that I should make move doing and continuing this project.

“Will you take my hand and grab for your future?”

There are times that my short stories can be serious or funny; it depends on my mood or experience. If my mood was energetic, then the story can be also energetic. Sometimes, my mood was disappearing and I became lazy to create a new one; it depends on some situations, such as if I got some bad impressions or if I became sad due to disappointments, life or love problems, and so on. I should remember that although I got passion, there was always a time that it will fade away and it will depend on my ways or feelings.

The next chapter will be also a Literature project. This time, it is about the Blog Post Series.


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