Chapter 9: Early Photo Sets – Part IV –

In this chapter, this could be the final photo set from the past to be featured! And now, let us begin to end this sub chapter!

This was the time that I brought my Nendoroid outside of my house to do outdoor photo shoot. I was holding her that time, then. This was the Nendoroid combination in which I was impressed than my other previous combinations.

This was the time that I first did role-playing, or putting different characters in the set. I took several photos of them while changing their poses and expressions. Then, I put some funny or serious captions in it depending on the situation or story.

“Are you ready to… Nep-Nep?”

At the time that I am thinking of an interesting thing to do with my Nendoroids, I came up with something. And that is, I tried using one Nendoroid as a main or base, then the other Nendoroids as equipment or add-ons. This is just like seeing it on TV where a hero tries to┬áchange mode or forms. And that’s how I came up with this idea! I use one Nendoroid as base, and the others as equipment or add-ons! Interesting, isn’t it?

Aside from taking photos, I tried doing a thirty-day photo post series wherein I feature one character as a main. That character was doing some situations and poses and those photos were scheduled to post on thirty days every day until it was over. It was not easy doing and thinking about this job either. It takes somehow perseverance and determination to pass!

“You can still fight! I know you can do it!”

At present, I am still doing photo shoots of my Nendoroids. If there is time, I can do it, but not if there is not any. If there is something that entered in my mind, I will try imagining it and I put it to action. But it will take some time for it to materialize. For now, I should strive to think further and I should not repeat of what was done before. Instead, I should reuse it and remix it with laughter and fun! That’s how I work!

What could be the next thing I should talk about in the next chapter? Find it out next time!


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