Chapter 8: Early Photo Sets – Part III –

This chapter will feature more photo sets from the past! I will be featuring some from this blog and some from my Instagram account! Lately, I got bored and tried to do random shots of my favorite Nendoroids. Also that time, I was too lazy to update my blog with new posts. In order to keep it active, I post through to my three social media accounts.

That time, I like crossing them over and I like doing role play. I just add some serious or funny lines to the picture depending on the pose or situation. After taking photos, I immediately post them to my blog to share.

Yeah, and that stuffed animal was very dusty. I got that when I tried searching for something in the old storage boxes. Somehow, useful for photography, but then later on, I can’t even remember of where did I put this stuffed animal right now. The only thing that I remember was that I put it back to the storage box when we were moving to a new home.

That time, we were on a trip to a beach for our outing. I managed to bring at least two of my favorite Nendoroids for my photo shoot. Somehow, I tried to take photos of some good spots with them, but not that many. Some spots were very tricky and dangerous, so I try not to attempt to do it since it was very risky.

And lastly, in this part three photo set, this was the photo in which I am quite impressed. The shot was good and this was taken using my Nexus 7 2013 Tablet. And yes, this was from my Instagram account.

The next chapter will be more photo sets! What could be the next photos to be featured next?


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