Chapter 7: Early Photo Sets – Part II –

This is the second part of the photos featured in the past. They were featured on either within my Instagram account or within this blog page.


Since I didn’t have a time to think of a theme, I decided to create a skit photo. Internet memes, I know, are a trend and people are using certain pictures and they put a funny caption on it. Internet memes are catchy and they can draw people’s attention. But not all memes are funny, though. Some can offend, or even make people upset or pissed off.


I had no idea of what I am doing either. I know that my Nendoroid cannot fit inside that car! I just put a funny caption in my post description.


Who wants to nya-nya? Since I got lots of cats coming from my various figures that I have, I decided to use them for my shoot in the past. Then, I just put a description of what is that picture all about. Yeah, and she wants to cuddle some cute ‘nya-nya’ cats.


I visited my school where I graduated from High School and I went to the garden grounds. Then, I decided to take photos of these cuties while they are lying to the grassy grounds. Somehow, it made them dirty, a bit, but I managed to wipe and clean them after that.

So far, I can imagine some things that are beyond my expectation. But in reality, it will just become sometimes unsuccessful. Unsuccessful means that outputs are different than my usual expectations. But then, I should know that outputs in my mind are very different from my outputs in reality. If I try working hard and I put some effort, then the so-called output in my minds will become possible.

More photo sets are coming in the next chapter!


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