Chapter 6: Early Photo Sets – Part I –

Starting this chapter, I will feature my photo sets coming from either my Instagram or my blog. Mostly past pictures, they will be featured within this chapter or the succeeding ones.


On the picture above was my Photoshop work of my first ‘fake magazine’ cover. That time, I was unskilled, but I managed somehow to remove and crop the clear background out from the figures. I put them together, I put a design and this was the result. I just said myself that this could be more better if I add more text and background effects. Well, not bad for a first-timer like me doing this for the very first time of attempt.


I used some filtering effects on the next photo above. Lens blur¬†was my favorite filtering effect, so I took that advantage and I used this on a clear shot of my Nendoroid with a clear, white background. Pretty, isn’t she?


Again, in this photo above, I used some filtering effects in the Photoshop. This time, I added some funny or serious captions in the picture.


Lastly, this was an Instagram post in which I tried using some accessories for the Nendoroid. My setup was somehow nice. Yes, and she somehow symbolizes the girls who always wake up their big brothers out from their slumber if their alarm clock fails.

This was just the first part! I hope that you can see more of my past photo posts! Next chapter will be the next batch!


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