Chapter 5: Nendoroid Collections

This chapter is bit short. This will tackle about my Nendoroid collections — on how I got my first one. Actuallly, there was a topic about this and I don’t need to explain further.


Nendoroid Homura Akemi (No. 182) was my very first authentic Nendoroid to have in my team.


They were my pioneers just before the IemDonz Blog was formed.


Nendoroid Neptune (No. 378) was my rarest Nendoroid that I have in the team and that time I was a fan of the Hyperdimension Neptunia Series.


Mixing the Nendoroid parts has become anĀ essential role in my figure photography.


Lastly, one of my recent Nendoroid haul was Chika Takami (No. 680). I had fun displaying it with Honoka and I was happy and at the same time crying with joy!

For the Nendoroid collections that I have today, you noticed that majority of them are girls. And you know it, I like cute girls of all ages (I am not a pedophile maniac or something!). As you can see, I am the commander of these cuties and I am using them for my photography missions!

The next succeeding chapters will be featuring my photo posts in the past! This can be from my Instagram or exclusively within my blog!


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