Chapter 4: Scenes and Backdrops Used

I don’t do backdrops too much, but I did this sometimes in my previous photo posts before. Backdrops are backgrounds that are displayed behind the subject. They can be wallpapers from a desktop monitor or wallpapers that were printed out and placed at behind the subject (the figure or object). Majority of my works are taken at indoors or outdoors and the scenes used were usually in gardens with grasses or other places like beach or rocky roads.


This was the photo that I had taken during the night. The room was dark and only the PC monitor was open during that time. I used the fiery background as backdrop and I placed the Nendoroid figure at the front of it. I took the picture and this was the result.

Mostly, my photos were taken indoors, since I am still lazy to take photos outside. But then, my motivation to take photos has been taken to the next level. That was the time that I brought my figures at the terrace of our home and then I took photos of it while watching the pretty scenery or skies. Also, I didn’t tried missing the sunset scenes.


This was my setup once when I did some backdrop photography.

The backdrop scenes were the difficult ones to use, since the brightness of the monitor can sometimes affect the quality of my picture, even if I am still aiming at the figure with the backdrop scene. Depending on the daylight, the brightness can sometimes affect its quality. So then, what did I do to fix the problem? This was the time that I decided to give those photos a filtering. I adjusted and control its brightness and contrast. After that, I upload and post then I give it a caption. Sometimes, I put it some quotes after that picture.


Nep-Nep: Armed for battle!

So that’s it for my backdrop or scenery! I just remember that there are other techniques for me to explore. But the thing is that I should avoid too much filtering since it can ruin the raw quality and accuracy of my pictures.

So what could be the next chapter about? I think the next one shall be about my Nendoroid collection — on how I started collecting from zero to one.


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