Chapter 3: Photography Skill Level Up

At the time that I am doing photography, I am just simply point and shoot. I had no idea of what I am doing. I am just seeing my friends on how they do it and still I had no idea on how to do it. The thing is that I am doing my own thing.


This photo was taken using only my tablet camera. Due to my lack of knowledge in lighting and shadows, I wasn’t able to balance the color and brightness very well. But then, I have learned something from this picture, somehow.

Since I am just only using my tablet camera as my photography material, I still had no knowledge when it comes to camera angles. I am just reading some tutorials, but I don’t mind reading them since those are for pros. Yeah, and I am no pro at all, hehe.

My photo works are slowly becoming better as I progress and somehow I am improving from my mistakes. I tried experimenting different light controls, as well as manipulating my shot angles on all sides as possible. When I am finished taking the photo, I decided to edit it to give it a nice finish. However, on my future photo posts, I decided, as much as possible, to not give my photo a filtering (except for watermarks). This will prove if my shot was actually accurate or exact — accurate in which the brightness, color, and angles are just right for my eyes and everybody. In the end, I just said, “I had no idea of what I am doing.”


I am slowly improving! It takes determination and perseverance to output of what you want to see in your eyes.

For almost two years, I am just using my tablet camera to take photos. I believe that it was my skill that brings out the best of my works. If I can shoot photos properly with my tablet camera, how much more if I handle a DSLR-type camera? Hmm… I am just waiting for that moment, but then I do not know yet on how to use a DSLR-type camera!


“Cut them to shreds!”

A year later, my eldest sister, who resides now on a different country, has left her camera behind. It was already in my young brother’s possession. But since he was busy, he decided to let me use it. I do not know how to use a DSLR-type camera, but with the little help of my friends and did a little research, I was able to navigate and master it somehow. That was the time that my photos are slightly improving for now thanks to my sister’s camera. But there are times that I can’t take a good shot well, so I still use the other camera as well in order to give way to my hard-to-achieve angled shots or scenes (i.e. close-up shots).


This photo was taken using a DSLR-type camera. I can see the difference between using that camera and my tablet camera.

In the next chapter, I will discuss and tackle about the scenes and backdrops that I am using when I do photography with my Nendoroid figures.


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