Chapter 2: Learning to Use Instagram

By the time that I am learning more Anime figure photography, I am also learning on how to use Instagram, the popular photo-sharing social media website. Since my mom suggested me to use that medium, I decided to create one and then I used that and I uploaded my photo shots of my figures there.


This was my very first photo ever uploaded to my Instagram account. I used some filtering effects to add it some coolness.

That time, I was learning more of the features of that social media site. I believe that adding hashtags (#) at every description helps everyone to discover more of my photo works. And then, it takes perseverance and determination to make me noticed — I just need to put efforts and diligence to my photos so that it could make it somehow popular and fun. I am not aiming to be popular, but I am aiming myself to bring smiles and joy to people around the world through my still and lovable photo shots of my favorite Anime figures and toys.


This was one of my photos uploaded in my Instagram account. This features the mixed Nendoroid parts that are put together to form an avatar or a representation of yourself.

Though there were photos uploaded to my Instagram account, I also learned on how to sync my photo posts from it to my Facebook page. Syncing photo posts of my Instagram account to my Facebook page helps me to post constantly without hassle. If I uploaded and posted a photo to Instagram, it will be synced immediately to my Facebook page and it will also be posted. Remember that not all of my photos are synced; some are ‘exclusive’ only to my Instagram account, due to the fact that I am doing of what I call the photo tags to one person or another, and so on. Sometimes, my photos are not always uploaded or posted there; some of my photo works were uploaded to my blog as an exclusive photo for my projects like stories or blog post series.

As of this date, there are more than 200 photos uploaded to my Instagram account already. There are times that I am inactive posting due to the fact that I am busy to activities that I can’t control or avoid. Activities, like going outside to mall for an event or going out with the family and friends, are the examples.


As the time passes, so does my ideas change and the setup and poses of my figures or toys. There are times that I became lazy, but I am striving to do my best just to think an idea and post it immediately once done. When there is something that entered in my head based on what I have heard or seen, I will remember or write it down and then I formulate and combine them to form an output. I will just not give up until I had gotten the results of my imaginations.

In the next chapter, I will tell about on how I leveled-up my photography skills, in the time that I haven’t handled a DSLR-type camera yet.


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