As an Anime fan, are you willing to show your love and support to your favorite characters by spending and attending?

I love my favorite Anime character so I try to love and support it by buying its figures, merchandise, as well as attending its related conventions and events in my area. Did you know that buying those related merchandises makes more money for the creators and artists who created that Anime series? Because without them, there is no new Anime series for us to enjoy and to have fun. The money that they earn from us can be used for future developments of the Anime itself. Future developments, like the new feature video game, as well as new apps or software that can be used by everybody to enjoy their lovely lifestyle.


“Remember our promise not to steal ever again. I believe you and I love you!”

So how supportive am I when it comes to Anime fandom? There are two types of them on how they are supportive. One is a legit supporter and the other is a stealing supporter. Legit or stolen? This is my opinion or experience to speak.

Stealing Supporter

I will talk first about Anime supporters who are stealing, but still willing to spend. So how come was it called ‘stealing’, yet they were willing to spend money for that figure or merchandise? I know counterfeiting and piracy were issues among the community and it takes in its all forms.

First was the bootleg Anime figures, DVDs, and other unlicensed merchandise. You can tell if an item is fake or illegal by looking if there was a missing copyright information on box, sticker of authenticity, and so on. For the other merchandises, like plush, jackets, and keychains, you can tell it is fake or bootleg if there is not sufficient details, like again, the copyright information, the license or distribution sticker, and so on. And for DVDs or Blu-Rays, this can be complex. The best way to identify it is a fake or not genuine is to look if the price was too cheap, or the materials used was just also too cheap. If it was missing features, like the bonus poster card or other materials like promotional ad cards, probably the DVD or Blu-Ray that you had bought could be fake.

I can say that I am a stealing supporter from the past. As of present, I still watch Anime, but not too much. Due to the fact that I am ‘stealing’ them by streaming or downloading, I am in great conscience — feeling sorry because I did something not right to support them. Now in order to pay them back with love and support, I am going to buy their official DVDs or Blu-Ray boxes if they were already available. And that is, if I really like that series.

I can say that people who were buying bootlegged Anime figures and other unlicensed merchandises at a cheaper price can be stealing.


“I hope that your wrong doings can still be forgiven.”

Legit Supporter

People call themselves as ‘legit’ supporters of Anime industry because they buy legit, real, and original Anime figures and merchandise. They know that they were expensive, but they understand that it has to be that way because of the licensing fees, taxes, and other subsidies like the artist’s fee.

Anime figures can be expensive and not many people can afford it. I must understand that it takes hard work and perseverance to earn. By getting that expensive figure, you have certified that you had worked so hard and earned that thing as a price. We call it achievement, that is!

From an ordinary ball pen that turned into a signature Anime item, for example, it has also became expensive and very difficult to afford. It was licensed and legit, yet it was just an ordinary ball pen! It might sound crazy, but that was a marketing strategy which was set already by the company itself. In my opinion, a merchandise can become expensive if it was exported or imported from or to other country to another. So it is best if you are living in a local country, you can buy it locally, since they were cheaper, unlike if you buy it overseas, it was expensive. I don’t know, but that’s how I saw it from my vision. Before buying, make sure of its legitimate signs, like the copyright information, license sticker, and so on.


This was the digital promotional poster of the Aqours First Love Live! ~Step! ZERO to ONE~ that was displayed at the cinemas at SM Megamall, in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. The photo was taken by me since February 25th, 2017, on the first day of live viewing event.

Another way of supporting the Anime industry was to attend conventions, events, as well as live shows. The money and royalties collected from people and me were going to the Anime production companies, as well as to other companies who organized and licensed the event. Sometimes, freebies and exclusive gifts were given to people who attended the event as a sign of thanks. They can be expensive to handle, but that was the only way on how well you support and love them. Because if they can’t earn, no future projects can be made for us to enjoy. Yes, and they were striving to do their best to bring joy and smiles to people around the world.

Conclusion and Ending

Supporting your favorite Anime series can help them develop future projects for the Anime itself! They are two types of supporting Anime: one who steals and the one who is legit.

The stealing supporter was somehow tied to counterfeiting and piracy, which was an issue among the Anime community. Think first before you buy that item. Was it legit or a counterfeit one? If it was bootleg or counterfeit, you were stealing the Anime industry.

The legit supporter was the one who really loves and supports the Anime industry. They buy legit Anime figures and merchandises no matter how much the cost. They were expensive, that is! But did you know that it was the only way to support and love them? It can be also an issue if a person was lacking of funds or money. In general, a person must be willing to work hard instead of sitting lazy on a couch looking on a still photos of their favorite Anime characters on the screen or anywhere.

The hint was to work hard and earn money, and use it for something useful or to make you happy. 🙂

“If you are good at something, never do it for free.” – The Joker (Batman Series)


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