Chapter 1: Beginning of Photoshoot

After I got what I wanted, the Nendoroids or other figures of my interest, I tried displaying them on a shelf or a display cabinet. I am seeing them in my room everyday. But then, seeing them just in my room is not enough.

After seeing those ‘pictures’ posted by my friends online, I am enlightened and I decided to create a photo blog that will feature all of my photo works, including my Photoshop edits and more.


This was my first group photo of my Nendoroids when I first attempt to do photography.

One day, I decided to take some good photos of my Anime figures, mostly Nendoroids. When I take photos of them, I am quite satisfied. I also decided to post these pictures online, and also to my photo blog. And then, this was the time that I started to walk my own path as an Anime figure photographer.


The problem was… I don’t have a good camera! But that disadvantage does not yet limit my ambitions to my hobby. I tried different lighting effects and filters. I know that I got a skill in manipulating the effects of my shots. So, I tried testing myself to different angles and situational scenes.

The next chapter will be about on how I learned to use Instagram, the popular photo-sharing social media site.


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