At last, the two main center members from the two different factions have finally seen each other!

This was actually the continuation of the previous post. You can view the previous post here in this link.

As I introduced her the one who likes to see and meet her, she was very excited. Honoka didn’t expect that she will finally meet a new version of her image — a new image that will surely continue the legacy of the school idols. As they finally meet, I decided to leave them alone to talk.


“I see, you are the one! I have been hearing you recently with your group!” said Honoka.


“Whoa! Am I dreaming? Was that you, the legendary school idol… Honoka?” said the surprised and curious Chika.

“Yes, I am. My other members are not around, though they were already spiritually present in my feelings now; I am not fighting alone.”

“Now that I had made it this far and I finally get to meet you, my goal in meeting you has finally been completed!”

“I, no… We were happy to know that you had made it this far to rise up just like us do!”


“Honoka… Please tell me! How did you rise up to popularity?”

“Um… Well… Actually there is no secret to popularity after all. But in order for that to achieve it, you just need to put your best and hardwork to it! Irregardless if you fail or not, you should believe that you can do it! Do it without any hesitation and you will achieve that goal!”


“I see… Because of my hardwork and efforts in trying my best, I was able to rise up too and at the same time, I had met my goal in meeting and seeing you!”

“That’s right! Keep doing that and I am surely you will be flying up more to reach for your dreams further!”

“Thank you! Now I can tell my friends that I had finally seen you face to face!”


“Now, show everybody that you are not a weak person who is being turned down! Now go, rising-up-school idol!”

“Honoka… Let’s do this!”


About Nendoroid Chika Takami (No. 680)


Yes, Chika was my latest addition to my team of Nendoroids that I have in stable. To say, I got a breakdown when I saw her from a certain figure shop and I didn’t expect this to happen. I guess it was too early, but somehow I managed to got her before it’s too late. So then, what could be my expectation that now I had her now? Hmm… I guess I will wait for few more days to have time to get to take photos of her.


Heard of Aqours (pronounced ‘aqua’ as in water)? That was the name of the new school idol group. I am just joining with the Love Live! train trend to find out what is going on. And now, this is what I am talking about of what I call ‘the start of the revolution’. I will just find some time and I will take more photos of this cute Nendoroid sometime in the future, so watch for it!

Some people asked me if I had plans to get the remaining members of the said school idol group. The answer was that I am just still thinking about it. Since I know that getting them all will cost more money and effort. But to say, patience is a must to achieve it!



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